I have been supporting others in their holistic health needs as a Recreation Therapist since 2016. Feeling limited by the information I was allowed to share within my scope of practice, I became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. This combination of training gives me a unique understanding of health in sport, and allows me to provide more support and guidance than your average health coach.

As an off-road triathlete, runner and mountain biker, I understand the unique challenges that endurance athletes experience, and am committed to ensuring that endurance athletes feel the vitality that they deserve, so they can train harder, race faster and recover quicker.

As a self-proclaimed physiology nerd, I was drawn to functional medicine, as it goes beyond treating the presenting symptoms to identify and treating the root cause. The use of functional medicine in endurance sport (all sport actually) is ground breaking, and let me tell you, it’s a game changer (or should I say race changer?). It’s the endurance sport secret that no one is talking about, yet.

I’m sick and tired of people being sick and tired. I knew deep within that there was a better way. I’ve found it, and I need to share it with all the athletes who are ready to push the boundaries in their performance and life.
Athletes are viewed in our society as the epitome of health. So why, as an endurance athlete, was I always exhausted (but struggling to sleep), starving (and then cramming my face with sugar and unhealthy foods just to feel full), sore (even though I was supposed to be fit), and feeling depressed and anxious (despite all the endorphins that were being released). I worked with professionals trained in conventional medicine to address these concerns and found no relief (in fact, some symptoms even got worse!) I decided to reject what is considered to be “normal” within the world of endurance sport, and turned to holistic health for a solution. I did my research, and applied principles of functional medicine to support my triathlon training, and have never performed better!

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