Athlete Mental Health

Beyond Exercise

Pop psychology tells us that exercise is THE antidote for depression and anxiety.


But what happens when you’re training consistently and you STILL feel like sh*t?

If you are an endurance athlete who is ready to free themselves from depression and anxiety so you can feel your best (and perform even better) then it is time YOU STOP HIDING BEHIND THE SPORT!

Do you want to feel

Calm, controlled, and focused
No longer stressed about things that are out of my control
Energized from morning to night
More productive
Ready to take on the ups and downs of training and life (without feeling anxious or depressed)
Like you can take a rest day without fear that anxiety or depression will take over
Like you've slept well every night
Uplifted and positive
Present for the things that matter
Stronger and faster in training & racing
Improved recovery from tough sessions
Like the best version of yourself

I see it all too often…

As endurance athletes, we know how demanding life can be.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we don’t have time to prioritize our mental well-being.

The frustration is real when our dedicated training routines, which were supposed to clear all the clouds, don’t seem to make us feel any better.

Guess what? I’ve been exactly where you are, and I understand your struggles. But I’m here to tell you that you CAN regain your true self!

You have the power to rekindle that excitement for life, rediscover boundless energy, and conquer those nagging anxious thoughts. You can break free!

Beyond Exercise is tailor-made for endurance athletes like us, fitting seamlessly into our busy lives, ensuring that no time is wasted.

And most importantly, the results are long-lasting! Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and embrace the path to a revitalized mind and body. Together, we’ll reach new heights of mental and physical triumph and create RESULTS THAT LAST!

This Is For You If…

You're consistently moving your body 3+ days each week for 30+ min each session (or you've recently been injured and were consistently active before injury)
You feel totally "blah" and not like yourself
Stress is weighing you down
"I'm good!" is your auto response when really you feel like garbage
The good feelings from your exercise routine don't last long or don't happen at all anymore
You're ready to make changes to your life that will leave you feeling energized and positive

Imagine yourself 4 months from now…


Your energy is unwavering throughout the day, propelling you to conquer every challenge that comes your way. As night falls, you drift off into a peaceful sleep, waking up refreshed and ready to take on the world.

You are resilient, standing strong in the face of any obstacle. Emotionally stable, you have the power to handle whatever life throws at you with grace and composure. Negative thoughts try to creep in, but you easily reframe them, turning them into opportunities for growth.

From the inside out, your body is a temple of health. You feel good about yourself, radiating confidence and positivity wherever you go. Productivity comes naturally to you, as you effortlessly tackle tasks and reach new heights of success.

Engaged in your life like never before, you savor every moment and embrace each experience with enthusiasm. You are the best version of yourself – driven, passionate, and thriving in every aspect of life.

Believe it or not, this incredible reality is within your reach. You have the power to make it your own. With dedication, perseverance, and the right guidance, you can transform your life and become the extraordinary individual you were always meant to be. So, lace up your shoes, hit the road, and let the journey to greatness begin!

Inside Beyond Exercise you are going to learn how to have these kinds of results using my proven CLEAR Method


Stay consistently committed to your mental health journey, just like you do your training routine.

 Letting Go

Create space, find healing environments, and calm your mind as we journey together.

Extinguishing Inflammation

Learn about inflammation, its impact, and implement strategies to reduce it effectively

Activities with Intention 

Discover powerful depression and anxiety reducing activities supported by research and choose what works best for you, with my guidance and support.

Routine for Sustainability

Bring it all together with a personalized routine that fits your lifestyle and keeps you feeling amazing every day.

2 Ways To Join Beyond Exercise

It is hard to believe that I’ve had 6 months of your excellent coaching. I’ve enjoyed it very much and I really appreciate that you were not willing to let me wallow in my B.S., mostly. Your knowledge of health issues, both physical and mental health, is supherb…so it has been a real benefit for me to be able to access that knowledge…I’m miles ahead of where I was 6 months ago…now I have some tools to apply to many aspects of my health



You deserve to feel your best (and perform even better!)

Beyond Exercise will get you there! Let’s chat about how this program can fit into your life so you can finally feel like yourself again!

I’m Jennifer!

A few years ago, I was in a pretty dark place. It made no sense to me. I had a great job, a beautiful home, a loving partner, great friends, a supportive family, good health, but yet I felt miserable. 

I remember sitting in “the chair” (where I spent way too much time at this stage of my life) when suddenly it dawned on me: I need to start taking some of my own medicine. 

You see, I was working as a Recreation Therapist and telling my clients all these things they needed to do, but I wasn’t doing any of them. No wonder I felt like crap! I learned that exercise was the ultimate anti-depressant, so I started training for half marathons and triathlons.

But then it seemed that all the exercise in the world couldn’t get me to where I wanted to be. I felt better, but still not 100%. I sought help from a functional medicine physician and got more pieces of the puzzle put together. 

Now, several years later, I’m in control of my depression and anxiety. Sometimes it tries to sneak back in, but I have the skills and confidence to get back on track before I get too deep.

I’ve since added education in Functional Medicine to my arsenal so that I can support people in all areas of health (rather than just recreation). With my experience and training, I know I can help you rise above your depression and anxiety so you too can feel like yourself again!